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Why isn't my house selling?

1. You’re Overpriced

Your new granite countertops or outdated pool aren’t worth pricing your home out of the market. Don’t bank on getting your money back on renovations. Instead, realize your house is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. It’s better to lower the price now, and get cash in hand, than waiting for the market to rebound.

2. There’s No Curb Appeal

If your house doesn’t “wow” you, it won’t “wow” anyone else. Give your home a hard and honest look: How is the lawn, the hedges, or the trees? How is the paint job? How is the lighting at night? Now, go look at some other houses for sale that catch your eye. What do you like about them? Could you apply some of the hose features to your property? A landscaper, with a few small tips, may be all you need to add some charm.

3. Your House is Cluttered

Home buyers don’t want to see your collection of trinkets. If you are serious about selling, you need an open, clutter-free home. Get rid of as much clutter as possible, and live like a minimalist. You are moving, right? Start packing now, before it costs you a sale.

4. Dirty, Messy Spaces Don't Sell

Is your house actually clean? Are the bathrooms spotless? Has the oven been scrubbed down? Is there dust in the corners? Is there laundry visible? If you need to, hire a cleaning service to clean your home. A couple hundred dollars to help sell your house is absolutely worth it.

5. Definitely Your Home; Not Mine

Your house is full of stuff that is yours. When a buyer looks at your house, you want them to be able to imagine the place being theirs. You want them to walk around and imagine where they will put their furniture, pictures, and items. So, de-personalize your house as much as possible. Pick up a furniture catalog and try to copy it.

6. You Linger While Buyers Look

Don’t be a creeper, following people around while they look at your house. You only make them feel nervous, rushed, and watched. They can’t speak freely about their opinions, they can’t ask the questions they really want to ask, and they don’t really get a good look. Also, you might accidentally say something about your house that could hurt the sale. Agents know how to handle buyers, so let them lead the home tours – while you get lost.

7. Your Agent Sucks

Not all real estate agents are created equal. Maybe your terrible agent thinks the house will sell itself, or maybe they just have too many houses on their plate to focus on your house. The biggest problem here is that most agents have you sign a form saying that you will only work with them for a certain period of time (sometimes six months). Our advice? Drop your terrible agent ASAP, and let Kevo handle it.

8. Your Home Needs Love

If your house needs a little work, that’s one thing. However, if there are major things bringing down the appeal of your home, rest assured that those things will eventually be reflected in your asking price. A splash of paint can work wonders.

9. You Flat-out Lied

Everyone wants a flattering write-up on their listing, but don’t claim things in your description that just aren’t true. If your house has serious work that needs to be done, don’t use expressions like “mint” or “a fixer-upper.” All houses have their blemishes, but lies on top of blemishes are a total turn off. When you lie, it is noticed, you lose all trust, and you waste the time of everyone involved. Please, stop calling that extra-large closet a “room.” It’s not a room; it’s a closet.

10. Your Home is a Construction Site

First, good job for fixing your place up to sell it. Well done. Second, keep in mind that showing your house during major repairs will usually turn off buyers. We aren’t talking about a paint job. We are talking about major renovations and repairs that buyers expect to be done before they see the property. Also, if you aren’t a professional remodeler, hire someone who is. Buyers want to buy houses that are up to code – not unfinished, DIY messes.

11. You Have Ugly Taste

Everyone likes different things, and that’s great. The problem is that your unique taste can run buyers off. Please, open a real estate or home magazine and do your best to copy it. People will either remember how crisp and clean your house was – or how much you love neon walls. The impression you give buyers is your choice.

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